Sunday, July 17, 2011

'From Origin to Ember'

Let light and color begin and time be woven in
Blue fades on a high distant skyway above
And the glow remains when the night and the light rays become one

But yet the sun stands still in a timeless moment
My hair is scorched in the salty twilight
The breeze is warm in the ocean air
My eyes are wide and my heart is silent.
I’m trembling as you draw me near.

I feel every whisper, each delicate embrace.
From origin to ember in the subtlest of phrases
See even the earth is framed in shades of envy
As your jealousy forever draws me   
From grey scale colors
To the shoreline of eternal waters.
Where winter frays and ravels away
In ethereal time in a far-away place
There you walk me along to the ancient paths
And sing the songs that drew me back.

You awaken my ear morning by morning
Awaken to hear you say that you love me
To see and embody the ways of your beauty
You call me from ashes and tell me I’m lovely
And I know my heart you have won again
And I’m just taking the moment in

The amber skies are hoisted high above our sails in summer seas
Blues and greens draw deep beneath the surface of our feet
And winter flees to escape the hours of lazy days and summer showers
Of gentle breezes and sunburned shoulders
And time with You is in Heaven’s shadow
Proves more my heart was formed to follow
The wooing of a gentle Lover
And the pursuing of a faithful Father

And at the dawning of day you advance alas
In the cool of the evening I can feel you pass
And you unearth for me in time
A melody divine
From songs of raging fire
And the voices of the many waters
Of rushing wind that sings again
The memories of encounters prior
Where you made me yours and your were mine
You uncovered innocence deep inside
And removed the thistles from my life
And shared with me all that you have
A lead me into deeper rest

And I hear you call to the far away stars
And you tell them the things that you think about me
But your whispers create the endless of seas
Which are laden with the sands of your thoughts toward me

A lullaby of grace you sing
And love the complementing harmony
I reside in days of old
Eternal days with the God I love

-Jacob Kaetterhenry

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